CSS property Position: Sticky doesn't support changes based on invocation

position: sticky is a great css property—without any JavaScript, elements can become sticky relative to their parent! However, there is no way to make CSS changes to selected elements base on when they become sticky. StickyBits 🔥 with the option useStickyClasses allows selected elements to be maniplated with CSS when they're sticky. Scroll below for an example (NOTE: This demo assumes position: sticky is supported by the browser).

This emoji is happy because because it becames sticky with 2 css rules.
This emoji is sad because it does not change when it becomes sticky or stuck.
This emoji will be happier with Stickybits so it can know when it is sticky.This emoji is happy because it is knows when it is sticky!

Use StickyBits 🔥 with the option useStickyClasses to make changes to your sticky element when it becomes sticky like in the example above.