By winning week three of seasons 2 of the CodePen rodeo, I've won one year of PRO membership. As I already am a PRO member I don't have much need for this. But the guys at CodePen were kind enough to let me give it to another user. So I figured I'd do a little challenge of my own for you to take part in.

The objective is to create a nice looking colour palette that could be part of a styleguide, something like in this awesome Dribbble shot.

Make it pretty, make it playful, make it awesome. You can use whatever you want; CSS, JS, jQuery, use what fits you best.

There are some requirements as to what must be included:

Responsive behaviour and fancy animations are entirely optional, but they might give you a little bonus.

Be sure to tag your entry with pro-007. I will pick the winner myself, so it doesn't really matter how many views or hearts you get. You may only have one entry at a time. The challenge ends June 28, 2013.

If you have any questions you can contact me on Twitter. Good luck to all of you!