Salted | A Responsive Email Template
Can an email really be responsive?
Yes. Email can be responsive, too.
Using fluid structures, fluid images, and media queries, we can make email (nearly) as responsive as modern websites.
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Mobile opens are at 48%
With an increasingly mobile audience, can you really afford to keep sending emails designed for desktop?
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Mobile opens are on the rise
How does it work?
Responsive email works on the same principles as RWD:
Fluid images
Fluid Images
max-width:100% is your friend, just like on the web.
Fluid structures
Fluid Structure
You can use percentage-based tables, too. Don’t touch ems, though.
Media queries
Media Queries
They don’t work everwhere, but when they do…
Bulletproof buttons
Bulletproof Buttons
Don’t use images for buttons. There’s a better way.
Resources for learning more
Litmus Community
A growing community for email professionals
Share knowledge, ask code questions, and learn from a growing library of articles on all things email.
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MailChimp Template Reference
A stunning introduction to email design and coding
MailChimp’s Fabio Carneiro unleashes an amazing resource for learning more about all aspects of email design.
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Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor Guides
A fantastic library of information
Campaign Monitor puts out some amazing resources. These guides, as well as their Ultimate Guide to CSS, are constant companions.
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