Alt-less Images

Each of the following images intentionally has no alt attribute. The idealized alternative text is in the caption. It is meant to cause browsers to present their own auto-generated alternative text (when a screen reader is running). Used in the post AI-Generated Images from AI-Generated Alt Text.

Alt: A cartoonish Kawaii slice of toast with happy eyes, open smiling mouth, and reddish cheeks; there is a spatter of blood coming from the top of the toast similar to the Watchmen logo.
Alt: Looking across the atrium with four levels of the gallery space / ramp visible. The ramp contains exhibits as well as crowds of people moving among them, with some people leaning over the edge of the ramp wall.
Alt: A photo illustration travel poster showing a cluster of metallic hot air balloons with spheroid gondolas floating above the opaque clouds of Jupiter’s atmosphere. Behind and above the balloons is a sweeping aurora of teal, and purple against a black starry sky. The advertisement reads “Experience the mighty auroras of Jupiter” in metallic block text at the bottom of the poster.
Alt: an undulating, translucent star-forming region in the Carina Nebula is shown in this Webb image, hued in ambers and blues; foreground stars with diffraction spikes can be seen, as can a speckling of background points of light through the cloudy nebula
Alt: A night sky swirling with vivid blue spirals, a dazzling golden crescent moon, and constellations depicted as radiating spheres dominate the oil-on-canvas artwork. One or two flame-like cypress trees loom over the scene to the side, their black limbs curving and undulating to the motion of the partly obscured sky. A structured settlement lies in the distance in the bottom right of the canvas, among all of this activity. The modest houses and the thin spire of a church, which stands as a beacon against undulating blue hills, are made out of straight, controlled lines.