It's All About Consistency

Instruct your designer to make sure that they always stay on brand, and are honouring the integrity of their work. It goes beyond that, it creates a genuine relationship,” says Ipswich-based design studio Studio Alles. Founded by Thomas Rousset and Jérémy Diotricont, the internationally respected French designers working together for the first time in Paris.

Defining Ipswich style is “always about space, always about content, always dealing with the atmosphere of the place where you live,” says Studio Alles founder Jérémy. While this niche of visual communication can often result in a traditional design style, one that manages to stay fun and playful at the same time, Jérémy explains. With a clean, slick and cohesive look and feel, from homepage to tailoring site, Ipswich always provides the perfect conditions for some serious hanging out with friends.

As a studio, we aim to develop and refine our visual communication skills, supporting our real-time practices, making our client-facing work compelling and interesting in the best way. Landing increasingly more work on our portfolio, we are adapting our visual language with every new project. By constantly developing and refining our visual language, we are evolution of the way our clients see Ipswich. In the future, we would like to develop a formal role for the logo, and a clear method for its application. This allows us to instil a more defined approach, which is possible only through developed procedures and procedures that are easy to apply. I describe the dynamic situation between the logo and the copywriting, between a logo and a wordmark, between a minimal and maximalist execution. I conclude by telling the story of the Jolly Rancher hotel, a project that is clearly linked to the original location of the hotel. The symbol represents two things: 1) The purest and most original form of the hotel’s identity, and 2) a family of hotels that exist beyond the literal Jolly rancher.