2018 End of the year Bingo2018 End of the year Checklist
tried & failed to give up an unhealthy habit
Participated in a marriage proposal
Went on a Tinder date
Made a post about Stan Lee
Mocked trump & his tweets
came up with an app idea & did nothing
spent >$800 on coffee
predicted a game of thrones event
thought of getting a pet
"you know, Thanos has a point!"
Went soul searching but you're still lost
became a fan of a Winter Olympian
free space
accidentally walked into an mlm convo
invested in crypto
flossed before your dental visit
tuned into the royal wedding
watched all marvel movies before the Avengers
"ugh, my mom is on facebook!"
got passionately angry when brooklyn 99 got axed
binged on red dead redemption 2
got told you should go vegan
deleted tinder
achieved none of your NY resolutions
already made resolutions for 2019