Primary text—used for headers and base text.


$app-white-darktheme at 74% opacity (#BEBBB8)

Secondary text—used for labels, subheads, attributions, and icon buttons.


$app-white-darktheme at 64% opacity (#A19F9D)

Tertiary text—used for message previews and help text.


$app-white-darktheme at 52% opacity (#8A8886)

Used for timestamps.


$app-white-darktheme at 36% opacity (#484644)

Used for disabled text.


$app-white-darktheme at 14% opacity (#3B3A39)

Used for separators, borders, channel dividers, and banner backgrounds.


$app-white-darktheme at 5% opacity (#201F1E)

Used for header, nav bar, chat bubbles, initial thread, and popups.



Used for canvas background.