An Interactive Timeline A DAY IN THE LIFE of a Common House Cat 3-5AM PLAYTIME! MAKES A RUCKUS IN THE HOUSE ALL NIGHT. A gray kitten tangled in a ball of yarn. 30 MIN BEFORE YOUR ALARM WAKE UP! DECIDES YOU’VE HAD ENOUGH SLEEP. An orange kitten meowing loudly. WHEN YOU LEAVE TILL 5 MIN BEFORE YOU’RE HOME SLEEPY TIME LITERALLY SLEEPS THE WHOLE TIME YOU’RE GONE. A gray kitten curled up in a tight little ball, sleeping. 6PM GUILT FEEDING POOR, POOR KITTY. HOME ALONE ALL DAY. A sad, orange kitten staring down at an empty food bowl. 8PM CUDDLE TIME HELPS YOU WITH YOUR WORK EMAIL A gray kitten stretched out on a laptop.