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NYU User Experience Design Fall 2019 - Equal Entry

Thomas Logan headshot Thomas Logan | Accessibility Consultant | LinkedIn | @techthomas

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Accessibility New York City

Thomas Logan has spent the past sixteen years assisting organizations to create technology solutions that work for people with disabilities. Over his career Thomas has worked on project deliverables for numerous federal, state, and local government agencies as well as private organizations from startups to Fortune 500s. He is the owner of Equal Entry, whose mission is: “contributing to a more accessible world.” He is also co-organizer of Accessibility New York a monthly Meetup for people interested in topics related to accessibility and people with disabilities. Thomas lives in New York City.

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Digital accessibility concepts are often taught to people in 1 hour, 3 hour, or 6 hour all day trainings. It is not possible to learn all of the accessibility concepts in a single day. How can we use email and/or social media to quiz people about accessibility over the course of a month, or series of months so that they stay engaged in learning what it means to be accessible. How can we ensure that the quiz questions we write are accessible for everyone taking the quiz?

Let's Make Maps Widely Accessible

Over the last two decades there have been numerous demonstrations of accessible digital map interfaces for people with disabilities. However, these implementations typically only support a small number of specific map visualizations. How can map providers build accessibility into all of the maps that developers make.

Designing for Switch Accessibility

Showing the human value of real time captioning transcription

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