troll trump

make america fart again

Friends, countrypeople, making fun of Tronald Dump on Twitter can get exhausting, but it might be one of the most important things you can do for your country. We can't let this proud racist get his way, buy an election, and reawaken a dormant ugliness in this great country. Click one of the buttons below to send Don'tald Rump a piece of your mind - well, a piece of the collective consciousness that he's more likely to continually waste his time replying to than whatever you'd come up with on your own. EDIT: Welp, you had to go and elect him didn't you?

I'd rather sell my liver than see Donald Trump ruin this country. @realdonaldtrump how much will you pay me for my liver?

troll trump!

If someone could just shave Donald's head - that's not a tweet you can send him but a request, from me. If someone could just shave his head, I don't know if this website would have to exist.

Without his marshmallow tuft of rotten candy wig-frightener, maybe people could come to their senses.